Students Denver Discovery School gathered around a computer

The Denver Digital Equity Coalition works towards a future where everyone in Denver can use technology to meet their needs and goals. We promote equitable access to quality devices, internet, and training to create a digitally equitable Denver.


The Denver Digital Equity Coalition is a group of local stakeholders, including representatives form a variety of city agencies and nonprofits, working collaboratively to address the digital divide and improve digital equity in the city of Denver. [LEARN MORE]


As early as 1999, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) declared that computer and internet tools were “increasingly critical to economic success and personal advancement,” but that access to such tools was not equitably distributed across all segments of American society. More than twenty years later, the speed and pervasiveness of computer technology has grown by leaps and bounds – and yet, many people are still excluded from full digital participation due to inequitable access to devices, internet, and skills training. [LEARN MORE]

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